John R. Tayloe

Death Certificate

Death Certificate

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Leo Skinner Alexander
Leo S Alexander
Leo S Alexander
June 19, 1907
113Pitt, North Carolina, USA0October 16, 19586251Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
John F. Banning
December 28, 1876144Bell, Texas, USA1August 24, 19427865San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA
Rodenia Deanie Barncastle
May 2, 1890130Bertie, North Carolina, USA0November 22, 19794189Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Armstead Bazemore
April 22, 1889131Bertie, North Carolina, USA0August 14, 19625873Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Celia Bazemore
July 15, 1865155Bertie, North Carolina, USA11February 1, 19418075Bazemore Family Cemetery, Bertie Co., Windsor NC (Governor's Road)
Rachel Spivey Bazemore
April 6, 1913108Bertie, North Carolina, USA0September 25, 19853572Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Ronnie Alton Bazemore
June 12, 195763Bertie, North Carolina, USA0June 12, 1957630Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Susan Isabella Benningfield
1852169DeKalb, Texas2
John Gurney Brown
November 7, 1888132Bertie, North Carolina, USA4January 27, 19398250Roanoke Rapids, Halifax, North Carolina, USA
George Eugene Burden
April 15, 1855166Bertie, North Carolina, USA8December 10, 19368481Bertie Co., Mitchells Twp, NC
Andrew Long Chesson
September 15, 1858162Lees Mill Twp. Washington Co., NC0January 14, 19408181Pasquotank Co., NC
Clyde Carlton Chesson
August 17, 1908112Roper, Washington Co., NC0October 16, 19804072Plymouth, Washington Co., NC
Floyd Wright Chesson
May 7, 19051150February 13, 19724966Jamestown, Guilford Co., NC
Jessie Pyron Chesson
Jesse Chesson
Jessie P Chesson
April 4, 1888133Washington, North Carolina, USA0June 6, 19665478Elizabeth City, Pasquotank, North Carolina
Joseph Marmaduke Chesson
November 29, 18621580June 13, 19388275Lees Mill Twp. Washington Co., NC
Louis Lindon Chesson
May 24, 1870150Washington, North Carolina, USA0December 20, 19289258High Point, Guilford, North Carolina, USA
Luther Chesson
Luther Vernon Chesson
August 24, 1898122Roper, Washington Co., NC0July 9, 19813982Washington, Beaufort, North Carolina, USA
Margaret Elizabeth Chesson
October 30, 1861159Lees Mill Twp. Washington Co., NC0March 9, 192010158Skinnersville Twp., Washington Co., NC
Paul Irvin Chesson
June 1, 1900120Tyrrell, North Carolina, USA0June 7, 19625862Greensboro, Guilford Co., NC
Pursie Gray Chesson
April 12, 1891130Chowan, North Carolina, USA0June 9, 19705079Beaufort Co., NC
Walter Wilson Chesson
January 11, 1865
January 11, 1865
156Roper, N. C.8November 21, 1933
November 21, 1933
8768Beaufort County, N C
Wesley Merritt Chesson
June 3, 1899121Bertie, North Carolina, USA0February 22, 19784378Washington, North Carolina, USA
Nancy Louise Cobb
Nancy C Williams
Nancy Williams
Nancy Cobb
Nancy Williams
Nancy Williams
Mancy Williams
December 12, 1877
143Bertie, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina
North Carolina
5June 12, 1953
June 12, 1953
6775321 Morris Ford Road, Colerain, Bertie Co., NC
Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Lou Lyon Craig
November 26, 1909111Bertie, North Carolina, USA0April 4, 19754665Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Addie Davenport
Addie Keech
August 2, 18971230May 19, 19754577Belhaven, Beaufort Co., NC
Martha Elizabeth Dempsey
Mary Matilda Dempsey
Mary Tayloe
December 19, 1883137Bertie, North Carolina, USA5March 20, 19269542Mitchells Twp., Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Richard Dempsey
18411800April 5, 191910278Merry Hill, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Elsie Inex Dunlow
January 29, 1920101Bertie, North Carolina, USA0March 10, 20012081Roanoke Chowan Hospital, Ahoskie, Hertford County, NC
Willie Anne Farmer
Annie Tayloe
Willie A Tayloe
Annie Tayloe
January 28, 1848
September 1848
January 28, 1848
January 28, 1848
173Bertie, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina
Bertie, North Carolina, United States
Bertie Co., N.C.
5January 28, 1918
January 28, 1918
January 28, 1918
January 28, 1918
10370Mitchells Twp., Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Aulander, Bertie, North Carolina
Aulander, Bertie, North Carolina
Virgil Eugene Fields
Virgil Fields
August 13, 1908112Douglas, Missouri, USA0May 3, 19368427Clinton, Texas, Missouri, USA
Plymouth Emma Garrett
July 26, 1866154Washington, North Carolina, USA0October 22, 19398173Roper, Washington Co., NC
Silas Haga
about 1810211Rockingham, Virginia, USA4April 185616546Rockingham, Virginia, USA
William David Haga
18511707September 1, 191410663Augusta County, Staunton, VA
Frank Curtis Hoggard
June 20, 1897123Bertie, North Carolina, USA0October 1, 19536756Bertie, North Carolina, USA
George Houston Hoggard
September 4, 1887133Bertie, North Carolina, USA0March 24, 19625974Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Johnnie Grant Hoggard
October 31, 1889131Bertie, North Carolina, USA1May 28, 19596169Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Johnnie Grant Hoggard II
October 23, 192496Halifax, North Carolina, USA0June 14, 19368411Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Kelly Edward Hoggard
September 4, 1914106Bertie, North Carolina, USA0April 3, 19823967Bertie, North Carolina, USA
William Dorsey Hoggard
December 23, 1855165Bertie, North Carolina, USA2March 27, 191810362Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Annie Sessoms Holloman
July 17, 1911109Bertie, North Carolina, USA0March 5, 19645752Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Eva Mae Holloman
August 24, 1904116Bertie, North Carolina, USA0January 18, 19952690Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Scott Elton Johnson
March 22, 197546Chowan. North Carolina, USA0January 2, 19952619Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Cecil Atwood Keech
August 30, 18931270March 18, 19526958
Elizabeth Frances Knowles
March 7, 1852169Washington, North Carolina, USA0March 17, 19249772Elizabeth City, Pasquotank, North Carolina, USA
Donald Wayne Lassiter
January 27, 196655Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA0March 27, 19843718Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Soloman Pilot Lawrence
October 1883
1370August 9, 1956
6472Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Mollie Lee
Colerain, Bertie, North Carolina, USA2
Arthur Lloyd Leggett
May 20, 1910110Bertie, North Carolina, USA0June 24, 19962486Bertie Memorial Hospital, Windsor, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Fannie Elizabeth Leggett
Fannie Leggett Leggett
July 31, 1903117Bertie, North Carolina, USA0January 1, 19922988Bertie, North Carolina, USA
George Daniel Leggett
August 18, 1873147Bertie, North Carolina, USA6November 18, 19586285Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Lucy Frances Leggett
April 18, 1907114Bertie, North Carolina, USA0October 24, 19972390Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Roland Bythia Leggett
February 1, 1902
February 1, 1902
119Bertie, North Carolina, USA1December 21, 1972
December 1972
4870Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Windsor, Bertie, North Carolina, United States of America
Annie Vineyard Lilly
July 24, 18781420January 11, 19774498Beaufort Co., NC
Eula Belle Loflin
October 25, 1897123Greensboro, Guilford Co., NC0September 21, 19863488High Point, Guilford, North Carolina, USA
Edith Bettie Elizabeth Lowe
August 1859
August 1859
161Norfolk, Virginia, USA
Hertford County, North Carolina
9before 190811348North Carolina, USA
Hertford County, North Carolina
Soloman Moore Miller
November 24, 1881139Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA1January 28, 19576475Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Ulrich Scarborough Mizelle
April 29, 192298Bertie, North Carolina, USA0November 28, 20002078Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Annie Euzelia Newsome
Euzelia Newsome Berry
November 18, 1899121Hexlena, Bertie Co., NC4December 29, 19893190Oxford, Granville Co., NC
Peter Obbie Newsome
May 8, 1869151St. Johns' Hertford, North Carolina, USA7December 8, 19556586Roanoke Rapids, Halifax, North Carolina, USA
Iva Lonnie Sessoms
May 20, 1883137Bertie, North Carolina, USA2May 19, 19675383Windsor, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Emma Lina Spruill
March 21, 1879142Washington, North Carolina, USA1June 18, 19447665High Point, Guilford, North Carolina, USA
Martha Victoria Suis
Martha Suis Vaughan
Martha Vaughan
October 30, 1891
129Powellsville, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina
6October 6, 19417949Harrellsville, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Nicie Ann Swain
February 9, 1860161Washington, North Carolina, USA0September 6, 19447684Roper, Washington Co., NC
Belinda Tayloe
August 15, 1842178Bertie, North Carolina, USA4July 23, 192010077Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Bessie Thomas Tayloe
March 17, 1870
March 17, 1870
151Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Hertford, North Carolina, United States
0May 1, 1954
May 1, 1951
6684Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina
Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Hanna S. Tayloe
March 1858163North Carolina, USA3October 14, 19328874Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Johnnie Richard Tayloe
John R Tayloe
February 28, 1877
144Mitchells Twp., Bertie, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina
7March 6, 19457668Bertie County, NC at home on the Mitchell Farm
Malesse “Melissa” V. Tayloe
September 29, 1848172Bertie, North Carolina, USA0February 3, 191810369Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Novascotia Tayloe
Nova Tayloe Leggett
November 1, 1875145Mitchells Twp., Bertie, North Carolina, USA9August 30, 19566480Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Odie Tayloe
August 17, 1887133Bertie County, NC0January 15, 19606172Windsor, NC at Bertie County Hospital
Tealey “Tellie” Ann Tayloe
March 3, 1880141Mitchells Twp., Bertie, North Carolina, USA7May 3, 19219941Hospital, Ahoskie, Hertford County, NC
William Kentchen Tayloe
William K Tayloe
August 15, 1849171Mitchells Twp, Bertie, North Carolina, USA5June 30, 19269476Mitchells Twp, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Died at 7:00pm
Alfred Pearl Taylor
September 4, 1904116Bertie, North Carolina, USA0October 13, 1969
October 13, 1969
5165Duke Hospital, Durham Co., Durham, NC
Durham (P), Durham
Stillborn Taylor
July 17, 192793Colerain, Bertie Co, NC0July 17, 1927930Colerain, Bertie Co, NC
Alfred Jackson Todd
1854167Bertie, North Carolina, USA0May 17, 19328878Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Aubrey Lee Todd
May 21, 1901119Bertie, North Carolina, USA0September 13, 19942693Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Edna Earle Todd
June 10, 193288Bertie, North Carolina, USA0November 11, 19754543Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Elizabeth Frances Todd
June 24, 1847173Bertie, North Carolina, USA2July 21, 191710370Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Jenny Lafaye Todd
October 6, 197248Bertie, North Carolina, USA0October 6, 1972480Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Johnny Bowen Todd
Johnnie Todd
May 2, 1903117Bertie, North Carolina, USA0October 7, 1966
October 1966
5463Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, United States of America
Joseph Moses Todd
March 2, 1864157Bertie, North Carolina, USA7June 30, 191410650Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Marvin Caulis Todd
Marvin C Todd
July 19, 1905115Bertie, North Carolina, USA0April 5, 19586352Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Robert Elwood Todd
Robert “Elwood” Doc Todd
July 7, 1910110Bertie, North Carolina, USA1September 3, 1989
September 3, 1989
September 3, 1989
3179Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Hertford County, North Carolina USA
Sarah Aldine Todd
May 3, 1849171Bertie, North Carolina, USA3February 3, 19249774Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Tina Gertrude Todd
September 15, 1898122Bertie, North Carolina, USA0May 10, 19576358Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Tulie Temperance Todd
March 25, 1902119Bertie, North Carolina, USA0January 25, 19705167Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Virgie Todd
September 4, 1909111Bertie, North Carolina, USA0July 19, 19586248Bertie, North Carolina, USA
William David Todd
August 28, 1847173Bertie, North Carolina, USA7August 30, 19338786Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Evelyn Viola Vaughan
Evelyn Vaughan Alexander
Evelyn Vaughan
Evelyn Tayloe
April 1, 1911
110Bertie, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina
0April 18, 19972486Guardian Care Nursing Home, Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
James Clinton Vaughan
April 20, 192695Bertie, North Carolina, USA0April 20, 1926950Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Johnnie V. Vaughan
John Vaughan
Johnie Vaughan
John Vaughan
September 24, 1869
151Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina
10April 13, 1939
April 15, 1939
8269Harrellsville, Hertford, North Carolina
Harrellsville, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Lloyd Lee Vaughan
August 28, 1898
August 28, 1898
122Harrellsville, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0February 26, 19715072Roanoke-Chowan Hospital, Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
James Granville Ward
September 6, 1881139Bertie, North Carolina, USA0March 24, 19477465Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Helen Irene White
Helen I White
Helen Tayloe
October 23, 1916
about 1916
104Nash, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0June 3, 1986
June 1986
3469Guardian Care, Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, United States of America
William Isaac White
164Colerain, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Colerain, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
William Issac White Jr.
W Isaac White
December 15, 1888132Colerain, Bertie, North Carolina, USA2October 9, 191810229Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Edith Viola Lee Williams
October 12, 18931270July 16, 19744680Beaufort Co., NC